Babywearing is massively beneficial if carried out safely.


T.I.C.K.S should be followed on all occasions that babies are worn. If you have any questions concerning safe babywearing please ask them before carrying your child.


Please see the Sling Library page for a full overview of T.I.C.K.S.

Babywearing Consultant Course

School of Babywearing qualified babywearing consultant 2016

My Training
My Philosophy
Further CPD attended include

Kangeroo care and premature babies

Breastfeeding in slings

Carrying for Dads

My passion for babywearing is something that I want all parents and carers to have the opportunity to experience and this is what drives me to provide education and opportunity to others and led me to complete my babywearing consultancy course with the School of Babywearing in 2016/2017.

The benefits to both mother and baby are massive including:

Building secure attachment - Carrying your baby helps to consistently meet your baby's needs and helps to develop strong bonds between parents, carers and their babies.

Convenience - Using a sling can make your life easier, be it caring for a second child with a young child, or going to places that simply wouldn't be possible with a pram or buggy.

Reduced crying - Babies that are carried tend to cry less as their needs are more quickly met because their parents/carers recognise their needs more quickly.

Health Benefits - Skin to skin contact regulates heart rate, breathing, temperature and helps to establish breastfeeding, this is particularly beneficial to premature babies and is used regularly in hospitals in the form of "Kangeroo Care".


Reducing postnatal depression - The hormone oxytocin, released during close contact between you and your baby, helps to reduce stress, increase bonding and can help you to feel more positive. 

If you would like more information about the benefits of babywearing try 'Why Babywearing Matters' by Rosie Knowles.